When Crazy Legs Conti, eccentric New York window washer, nude model and sperm donor, casually breaks the world oyster eating record in New Orleans he decides to dedicate himself to fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a professional competitive eater.

Crazy Legs shares his hilarious and poignant insights into professional eating as he travels the United States following the circuit in an effort to get signed by the I.F.O.C.E. (International Federation Of Competitive Eating). His goal is to earn a place at the table amongst his heroes at the Coney Island 4th of July hotdog eating contest. In a sport traditionally dominated by corpulent gluttons, Crazy Legs finds his inspiration in the new wave of smaller, athletic eaters. He works on his technique by studying the tapes and consumption methods of his idols and strives to attain the Zen-like focus and capacity of the great Japanese eating masters. Throughout his journey he is challenged by the likes of the 400 lb. eating machine Ed Cookie Jarvis, exciting newcomers such as Ray the Bison Meduna and wily veterans like Mo Ribs Molinsky and Crawfish Nick. Crazy Legs journey from aficionado to professional takes him from New York to New Orleans, Seattle to Boston and even to his hometown Belmont, Massachusetts where his food fixations began.

Crazy Legs has the tenacity and desire, but does he have the athletic ability and eating prowess to earn a spot at the table amongst the greatest eaters in the world? Can he match up dog for dog, bun for bun against the likes of Badlands Booker, Cookie Jarvis and the demi-god of eating Takeru Kobayashi at the Super Bowl of Competitive Eating Nathans Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest?

About the Film:

Competitive Eating is a sport. It has all the intense drama and emotion that are innate in all athletic competitions. The players train and compete seriously, sacrificing time, effort and money, and their desire for victory is great. Competitive Eating also has a comedic side and those that are involved understand both the serious and lighter side of the game.

Crazy Legs positive attitude and passion for competitive eating inspired us to document his experiences. Crazy Legs determination as he trained and battled to overcome obstacles during his journey from fan, to amateur, to professional eater allowed him to experience great things, meet unusual people, and push himself to his physical and mental limits. We were entertained, disgusted and moved while making this film and it is our hope that everyone who sees it will come away with a feeling that any goal, no matter how absurd or seemingly impossible, can be achieved if pursued with passion and confidence.

Production Notes:

Dani and Chris have known each other since working their way through the ranks of the low budget New York independent film world. Chris met Crazy Legs on the basketball courts of Hells Kitchen. After many wild nights and intense conversations at Colemans Bar and Grill, Dani and Chris decided to pick up their cameras and document the outrageous and dramatic life of Crazy Legs Conti.

They were able to finance and produce this DV documentary due to their connections to the New York independent film community and the generosity of many friends, family and colleagues such as Orbit Digital, Pete Conlin, Lewis Goldstein, Smiling Joe Hobeck, Jonathan Hock, Dan Feiner, Nicholas Kaye and Dinshaw Gobhai.

The filmmakers wish to thank George and Richard Shea of the I.F.O.C.E. for their support and help throughout the entire process. Theyd also like to thank all the wonderful people in competitive eating and those they met and befriended along the way while making this film.